Quotes My daughter (7) recently attended a weekend camp put on by Lauralynn. I can say I was slightly nervous as my child has special needs, and I was concerned that this would be an issue in her participating to the fullest. This was not the case, at the end of both days my child was THRILLED with her adventures and was relatively pain free. Lauralynn and her volunteers and daughter were all friendly, knowledgable, and attentive to the children. I was very impressed with the amount of assistance Lauralynn had. It made me feel more comfortable knowing my daughter was having one on one while in a group setting. My daughter came home with 3 different crafts, and stories that included learning about horse/rider safety, grooming, and even mucking out stalls! Thank you to Lauralynn, Jessica, and Kaitlynn! Paisley can`t wait to start riding lessons! Quotes
Christa Duvall
Super Happy Mum and Daughter

Quotes My daughter Chloe has always had a great love for horses. When I found out about Behind The Bit, I jumped all over the chance to let her try a weekend of horse camp! Chloe is a little bit shy, so we signed her up with her friend Elizabeth. When we arrived, the girls, myself and Elizabeth's dad were given a full tour and immediately were made to feel at home. Our shy little girls actually were so comfortable there that they told us to leave! I am not a parent who likes to leave my daughter, but Lauralynn's professionalism and loving personality made me more than comfortable to do so! Over the 2 day camp, the girls learned to ride and take care of the ponies and did lots of farm related crafts - they love crafts! They still talk about 'their' ponies and cannot wait to go back! Thanks Lauralynn and family for taking such great care of my daughter and giving her such an enriching experience! We cannot wait to do it again! It was money well spent! Dana & Chloe Kinkade Quotes
Dana and Chloe Kinkade
Overjoyed mom and thrilled daughter!

Quotes At age 49 I've taken an interest in western riding. I came across Martens Equestrian and started taking lessons here . I came here with very little experience, and after just a few lessons I've noticed quite an improvement in my riding skills as well as improved balance on the horse. Lauralynne has been a wonderful teacher, answering all my questions with great detail as well as teaching every aspect of grooming and tacking up the horse. I'm looking forward to gaining more skills and confidence in the weeks to come. Quotes
Rolf Neumann
Satisfied Student

Quotes My home away from home! I love going out to Martens Equestrian knowing that I get to work with amazing horses and the incredible people who give them a second chance. Over the years I have ridden and worked at many different barns, and yet Martens Equestrian is the first one I've been to that's made the horses and overall safety their number one priority. There are always new challenges when working with rescue horses and Martens Equestrian handles every situation with genuine care and a commitment to excellence. I highly recommend Martens Equestrian to anyone interested in riding or purchasing a horse, as I have seen the excellent training that goes in to their horses. Quotes
Barn Hand

Quotes We met Lauralynn and Henry a few years ago when 3 of our children had introductory lessons with them. They could assess right away where our children were in ability and personality and got them off to a great start learning about horses and riding, and we were amazed how much the children learned, so quickly and the confidence they had. It especiallly sparked desire and love for the horses in 2 of our children. We like the individual and personal attention, given each child geared to their own abilities, and the care given to families as well and flexibility. We also like that it is a rescue facility and see some beautiful horses get a second chance. We were happy when Marten's Equestrian moved back to London and we go whenever we are able. It's also great that it is in such a convenient location. Quotes
Nina Blanshard
mom of students

Quotes Hi , Iv known Martens Equestrian for a few years now they are one of the only people I trust to send rescue horses too , with there top quality care , feed program and everything they do. They are completely dedicated to the care and well being of the horses, horse health and safety comes first that is just one reason why I wouldn't send any horses anywhere else. I know as soon as they step off the trailer they will have the best care via, anything they need from vet care to specialized feed program to just needing some love. They are truly great helpful and thoughtful people I hate to think of what would have happened to a lot of horses that Martens Equestrian had saved as with out there kind willing and loving heart I know a lot of horses wouldn't be here today , no matter what the horse needs they make sure the horse gets it. I love going there to all the happy horses family and friends its such a great atmosphere to be in. Thank-you Martens Equestrian for everything you have done! Quotes
Liticia wilson

Quotes We absoutely love all that our daughter has learned from Lauralynn and Henry at such a young age. Riding has helped to give her confidence and she has turned into a good rider. Their teaching is patient and they never push a student to go beyond their limits. We love attending the home shows that they put on as we find it is a family day of fun. We look forward to riding with them in the spring :) Thank you guys for all you have taught Ci Ci in the past short time you have been teaching her. Quotes
Rob and Lisa Satterley
Satisfied Parents

Quotes Martens Equestrian YOU have offered my two children (ages 9 and 11) the opportunity to learn about horses in the whole.. they have learned care and compassion, how to ride, groom and tack and over all farm work. Each time we arrive we are greeted with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere from humans and animals alike. My children are treated not as outsiders but as part of the Martens family. They have attended 3 camps over the last year (involving hikes, trails, crafts, camp fires etc) and each time walked away with more memories and knowledge then most children could get in a lifetime. I will continue to send my children for as long as they want to go.. what an amazing experience this has been for them..and us!! Thank you for the friendship!! Thank you for everything you have done to make some city folks feel like they belong on the farm!!! Quotes
Kim Paret
proud customer, mother and friend!!!

Quotes Hi, my name is Stacey and I'm writing on behalf of myself, my husband Dennis and our 2.5 yr old daughter Ameilya. I've got to say that Lauralynn and Henry have been great with us. I had never been on a horse before riding with Lauralynn and wanted to have my daughter experience something that I wasn't able to when I was younger. They have been great with her even though she is so young and I'm enjoying learning from Lauralynn. They are very accomodating and easy going which makes every visit so enjoyable. They have beautiful horses and I truly admire everything they stand for. It's awful that we live in a world where horses are treated so badly in some places, but to know someone who truly cares and rescues horses and who puts forth such effort to give them a better life is Truly Amazing. You have a wonderful family and great helpers, and we look forward to seeing you time and time again. Thank you so much for making our time with you and your family so memorable! Quotes
Stacey, Dennis and Ameilya
Our fun times at Martens Equestrian

Quotes My name is Erich Hanly, I am a young equine enthusiast as well as a horse owner. This is my review on the care and barn quality of Martens Equestrian I've been riding horses on and off all of my life but it wasn't until last year when I decided to get serious about it, I started taking lessons from my close friend who boarded her horse at Martens Hall now known as Martens Equestrian. I took western style lessons at the barn for about seven weeks once a week and I loved it there, even though I was taking lessons from one of her boarders Lauralynn was great giving me tips and correcting me of my posture. All of Lauralynn's faimly and barn staff were a pleasure to be around, the horses were well cared for and clearly loved. The barn its self is one of the most cleanest barns I've seen and I've seen quite a few barns! The stalls were cleaned daily, horses were fed watered and turned out. Quotes
erich Hanley
My time at Martens Equestrian